Twister Couds!
Twister Couds!

Taken the other night when the sky was making strange twister-shaped clouds….had to get it on camera!

9 thoughts on “UK Twisters!

  1. Interesting. So, what’s the difference between a tornado and a cyclone?

    This was a calm, dry, warmish evening, no storm about at the time, but I think that was the night we had the most enormous thunder storm with simultaneous lightning (so right above us) that put the power out for a while. I was online talking to a friend who was 200 plus mikes away, and there was an identical storm with him, too. It can’t have been the same one, but there were reports of identical storms all over the UK next morning. It got quite scary for a bit, horrendously loud thunder, incredibly dramatic lightning, howling, battering wind – our front door sounded like a gang of invaders were trying to shoulder it open – bang, bang, bang, bang.

    These clouds are so white… was only the shape that reminded me of a twister, I’ve always seen them portrayed as dark coloured things. And they were fairly static. X

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    1. I thought you might like it 🙂 We do seem to have creatively viewed clouds in common – it’s not easy for me to get outside with a camera anymore, but I used to be permanently attached to one. Love taking photos, esp macro shots of plants and animals. But spectacular clouds and skies…,.they’re amazing to me.

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    1. No, not at all! These were just amazing clouds that I thought looked an awful,lot like twisters. I don’t even know if you ever get three real twisters together like that.

      We’ve been having really bad storms here, but the usual thunder and lightning sort, not tornados. I know we had a small earthquake in the middle part of England about 7 years ago (Birmingham, but not Alabama!) but I have no idea if we’ve ever had a twister. Have you seen (m)any ?

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      1. i’ve seen several, and that’s enough. pretty much the entire US gets them, but mostly ‘tornado alley’ which runs from Kansas to Oklahoma, but also the states under that line and above. yes, it is possible and has/does happen that there are multiple tornadoes in the same place and time. sometimes you get them in a row. like, oh its a tornado, and i hits and passes, but then another one is forming. kinda depends on how big the storm and the air pressure. sometimes they happen at once. interesting that UK doesn’t get them, but US its common everywhere.

        the photos you took the funnel looks right, but the cloud(s) they would be descending from don’t, they would have to be big bank clouds, stratus, low in the sky with lots of electric activity and motion, then, if the stars are in the proper place, a funnel can start to be pulled toward the earth causing an updraft of some air (depends on hi or low pressure, heated air or cooled) from the ground which widens the funnel and also downdrafts pulling the storm down to the earth. the funnel is constantly rotating and also moving inside the storm clouds, so as the funnel touches down, everything on the land gets sucked up, and as it moves, it creates the same devastation wherever the funnel goes.

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