9 thoughts on “In An English Country Garden…..

  1. Gorgeous. Love the smell of roses. A bit of a random question but have you found that since having fibro you have a better sense of smell? I took no notice of smells until the fibro kicked in and as my nerve endings became oversensitive I think my sense of smell did. I’m super-sensitive to bad smells and can smell things noone else can but it has also meant that I can appreciate beautiful smells even more. This may not be a fibro thing and just some weird quirk in me (yet another one!). Hope your doing ok and sending you pain free wishes. x


    1. Hi Lore, haven’t been on here for ages. Came today to change something on my about page, but ipad and WordPress having their usual argument as to where I want the cursor to be….c’est la vie.

      To answer your question, my sense of smell has always been acute. I once sniffed a new shopping bag that Mum had brought home, and told her which shop she’d bought it from, because I could smell that shop all over it! She thought she’d left the labels on it, but she hadn’t. I could smell it.

      I’ve had fibro since I was about 3, so I definitely think the super-sensitivity is due to that. Chemo wrecked my sense of smell for several years, but it’s now coming back like it was before. I remained horribly affected by bad smells even when chemo had destroyed my smell sensors, ironically enough.

      Life still hard atm, but will be back at some point. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply here, I just haven’t visited for weeks now.

      Hope things are as good as they can be for you. X

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      1. Oh, my Fibro since you were 3! It’s horrific that Fibro can develop in someone so young. Sorry to hear that things are still hard. I’m having my worst period of health that I’ve ever had and It’s been worse than I could have ever imagined. I’m glad you’ve had the experience of heightened smell too – I feel less of an oddity now! I kept smelling gas in the house after a cooker was disconnected, everyone said I was imagining it, it was a faint smell but I could definitely smell it. People were going over to the cooker and smelling around the area but they kept saying nothing was there. I kept stressing as I could smell it and kept worrying that the house would explode two days later a routine gas section of the house found that there was a leak and that the cooker hadn’t been disconnected properly. I was livid! and also annoyed that I didn’t have the confidence to trust my senses. Thanks for taking your time (and energy) to reply it’s been good to catch-up. Sending you pain-free wishes. x

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    1. Has been purple from day one on here! Honestly! But thanks – purple is one of my absolute favourite colours. I want to change my theme to one with an always visible side bar, but am wondering if I can change any old theme to a purple background. What do you think? You know WP much better than I do! 🙂

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      1. It’s always been purple? Really? I must be losing my mind… And no, I don’t know WP better than you. I thought you couldn’t change things like background colors with a free account, but maybe that’s just with my theme.

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      2. Mine is definitely free, and definitely asked me to choose, included one of those colour thingys with a slider so you could be super-specific about it.

        And yes of course you know WP way better than me, you’ve been using it for longer 🙂

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    1. Thankyou :-). I must get round to putting more of my photos on here…..I love skies, flowers, plants, nature, landscapes, seascapes, animals……but hard to me to get outside with a camera these days.

      Glad you like it! 🙂

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