Scary fall. Help!

Can anyone give this zebra a hand, please? I’m sure she’d appreciate it very much, and sounds like she’s really struggling.

Hope you’re feeling a bit better, Z…..falls can be very un-nerving. Rest up and look after yourself.

L. X

Finding a Place For Me

Last night, I took one scary, seemingly never-ending fall down the stairs. Thank G-d my injuries seem to only be fairly minor!

I like to shower before bed. Showering and drying my hair wears me out, so doing it at night helps me have more stamina the next day. I also like to go to bed feeling clean. I really sleep better that way. I went to take just such a shower before getting ready for bed when it happened. I grabbed a clean towel and was about to go downstairs to the only full bathroom in this house. My legs felt their normal weird way, I took one step downward and hit about half of the eleven remaining on the way down. I couldn’t stop it. I described it to a friend as feeling as if someone wrapped me up from head to toe or I was temporarily paralyzed…

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2 thoughts on “Scary fall. Help!

    1. I feel for her. There are so many of us in shitty situations that would be helped by money, and if I had it, I’d be sending it to everyone left right and centre. Sadly, we’re in the same leaky boat, and we’re struggling to meet our basic bills.

      I’m glad she’s trying to get some help. Just wish I could. X

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