A short update (ish)

This is what we’re up against in the UK with all chronic illnesses and disabilities. Nice, eh?

The Ill Represented

I had a bad encounter on the phone with the DWP and Health Assessment Advisory Service whilst trying to sort out some issues about my appointment with them on Thursday. After misinformation and a lot of patronisation from the two agencies I got sicker, very sick and ended up in the emergency department on Saturday night. After some strong medication I finally got some rest on Sunday and returned to my GP to get my medication upped and some extra ones for good measure. After my application for ESA and PIP (ESA in particular) I have got a lot sicker. At a time when I should be resting and hopefully recouperating with support from a state system that I have paid into they have systematically and deliberately sought to make the worst time of my life harder. I am incredibly angry, but I am too exhausted to be of use…

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