The Construct of Invalidation in Fibromyalgia Patients – by Dr. Murphree

Thanks to Tessa for bringing this to my attention.

My only problem with this article is that it ends by stating that fibromyalgia can be reversed.

HOW ?????

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

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One thought on “The Construct of Invalidation in Fibromyalgia Patients – by Dr. Murphree

  1. Painkills2 commented that as the doc in this article is a specialist in nutrition, then the answer to my frantic “HOW?????” is likely to be nutrrition-based.

    Well, I’m considered an expert/ specialist on nutrition and natural medicine, and used to work as a nutritional therapist/ consultant, both freelance and for a private doctor. My fibro was then undiagnosed, and I got into natural medicine in an effort to get well, because our health service was baffled by my “mystery illness”. I’ve been patching myself up with supplements for over thirty years, and done research like you wouldn’t believe.

    I have yet to find anything that is the secret cure for advanced fibro. Lots of things HELP, and I’m utterly non-functional without my supplements, but until the real cause, the absolute root of fibro is identified, any claim for a cure is something I view with great scepticism.

    Personally, I think that a) it’s very similar to PTSD in that it is triggered by a deep trauma, physical, psychological, or both, and this is what stops all fibros from being able to achieve the essential Stage 4 Deep Sleep that we need to maintain health, and b) if you can identify fibro soon enough after whatever trauma has triggered it, you’re in with a chance of fixing it and restoring health by using neuro-soothers like GABA, which is what Big Pharma bases its evil gabapentin and pregabalin on – both now standard “treatments” for fibro. But for chronic fibro, speaking from long personal experience, the best you can hope for is an improvement.

    The irony about Big Pharma’s approach to fibro is that the majority of us become so chemically sensitive that we can’t tolerate these drugs. My intolerances get increasingly worse, and it shouldn’t have been the surprise that it was when all my symptoms were magnified a gazollion times after chemo for breast cancer. But hey, at least it finally got me a diagnosis !

    L. X

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