Whoop Whoop! First Milestone!!


Thankyou to everyone who’s contributed to this – 100 Likes may be quite minor in the general scheme of things, especially when I see blogs with a gazillion followers, but it means the world to me 😊

I’m chuffed to bits 😍




19 thoughts on “Whoop Whoop! First Milestone!!

  1. Congrats and let’s celebrate! Kidding aside, how did you get this star? I’ve accumulated over 200 likes, have never received anything from WordPress about this. I guess they just want me to work harder.

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    1. I think it’s specific to the Likes your posts generate, not the Likes you get for comments. It just popped up one day. If you go check your stats, it should tell you somewhere how many blog Likes you’ve generated. Hope that helps! X

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      1. Thanks!

        I tried to check my own Likes on stats pages, but mine are listed up in the late one hundred, and I haven’t had any more congrats badges from WP, so I think the stats Likes must include comment likes too. No idea where to find post likes, other than by just counting each post total at the bottom of each post we’ve made. X


      2. Ok. I’ve counted up all my post and page likes, and it matches the figure shown on the Insights page of my stats – 157 currently. If yours is over 200, then you should presumably have had your 100 badge – did you maybe miss it? Mine was in the drop down notifications thing, and I posted it from there. Maybe you scrolled past it, or it got pushed down by a stack of comments and likes, so you didn’t see it? Maybe you could contact the help desk and ask what’s going on. X


    1. Aww, thankyou so much for those kind and supportive words! Much more Practical Fibro information to come….working on a big Vit D3 piece at the moment – so critical to human health, and I’m getting exhausted typing it up in comments. So stay tuned!
      And thanks again, it’s lovely to see such support 😀

      L. X

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      1. I managed to unfollow myself too! Hope things are getting easier now, and that you managed some sleep. Will be up for a little while, but catch up after 7am my time tomoz if not later tonite. ❤

        L. X

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