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Effing Fibro, AKA The F Word.

I wanted to call this blog ‘The F Word’, but apparently someone beat me to using that title.

One of my closest friends calls me “A posh bird who swears a lot”, which always makes me laugh. For fuck’s sake, I don’t swear that much! When I do, I tend to repeat myself, because my bank of swear-words really isn’t extensive enough to let forth a string of endlessly different expletive deletives, so it will go something like, “Fucking hell, fucking fuck fuck FUCK!” whenever frustration gets the best of me. Hardly original, and hardly the product of a truly dedicated swearer. Or maybe I just lack imagination!

My parents claim to despise swearing, and those who do it (apparently “balls”, “bollocks”, “Christ!” and “shit” don’t count, although “crap” puzzlingly does, which makes me chortle even more) so I have to filter heavily whenever we speak. Ditto Doctors, consultants and other medical professionals, at least until they’ve got to know me a little.

In fact, it’s probably best to keep it un-sweary whenever you meet ANYone new. But sometimes there is something just SO satisfying about saying “fuck!” that I can’t resist. It’s such a meaty, expressive Anglo Saxon word.

There are many, many adjectives applicable to fibro, but “fucking fibro” also has a second meaning. On those rare days when I feel as though I have finally managed to achieve even a minor breakthrough, I can use it as a verb, and tell myself I am fucking fibro, Lol.

Well, it makes ME feel better, anyway!


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